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Optimum Pensions

Optimum Pensions (or “Optimum”) has developed and tested an innovative lifetime income stream solution, the Real Lifetime Pension, that may be delivered by Funds to their members to comprehensively address Australians' longevity risk while providing higher performance than other solutions such as the current lifetime annuities in the market.

The Longevity Problem

Australians are some of the longest living people in the world. Unfortunately longevity risk is currently not being managed well throughout a member’s retirement. There have been no efficient nor effective and competitive longevity solutions to give people "longevity protection" for better security of lifestyle, thus peace of mind.

A Better Lifetime

The Real Lifetime Pension from Optimum has been designed to provide longevity protection and a higher income with greater flexibility than conventional annuities.

A great CIPR Solution

The Real Lifetime Pension from Optimum allows the Fund to offer a CIPR or lifetime income stream with lower costs, and thus fees, as it uses the Fund's existing investment management, administration and other service providers i.e. greater economies of scale can be achieved.

With longevity risk underwritten by the world’s 3rd largest reinsurer – Hannover Re – the white labelled Real Lifetime Pension from Optimum Pensions enables funds to provide a great CIPR solution…