Thought leadership

Media Release - Monday 27th November 2017

One of Australia’s most successful actuaries, David Orford, launches new venture and rolls out innovative longevity retirement solution, Real Lifetime Pension Superfunds now able to expand options for members with a new retirement product offering designed and tested by Optimum Pensions that directly addresses the least understood longevity risk.

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A new-style annuities provider

David Orford is back. Just over a year after selling his big super fund admin firm, Financial Synergy, to IRESS he has launched a new-style annuities provider, Optimum Pensions, which he believes can be transported to other countries as well as satisfying the pent-up Australian demand. An article from Investor Strategy.

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Joint Study with the Actuaries Institute

The market is now moving to embrace lifetime income stream solutions that include some element of mortality pooling. Optimum Pensions has engaged the Actuaries Institute to undertake the development and publication, under its auspices, of a set of mortality tables for Australian retirees. The work will be carried out by Rice Warner on behalf of the Actuaries Institute and the results made publicly available.

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Study by the Melbourne Business School

What are the barriers that dissuade people from buying lifetime income streams annuities and how do we provide information, tools etc to help people better understand and responsibly eliminate their longevity risk for peace of mind in retirement. An ongoing donation by the Orford Foundation has enabled the prestigious Melbourne Business School to undertake a study to answer these key questions (and others) with results made publicly available.

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Thoughts behind the RLP

The Real Lifetime Pension from Optimum Pensions is an effective solution to Australians’ longevity risk, whilst providing higher performance than current offerings. This document provides some background and insight into the thinking behind the development of the Real Lifetime Pension.

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