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The State of Retiree Research in Australia

With more than 50 years’ actuarial, product development and consulting experience, together with a highly successful career in Australia’s superannuation industry, DAVID ORFORD shares his insights into the state of retiree research in Australia. (Reprinted with permission from Superfunds magazine July 2018)

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Five Top Tips for Trustees to Offer Innovative CIPRs

The provision of lifetime incomes from super is a fantastic step to improve the retirement outcomes of all members.  Super funds now have the product flexibility to deliver improved lifestyles in retirement for all Australians. Read our top 5 practical suggestions to help make it easier for trustees to offer CIPRs.

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Melbourne Business School Research Kicks off with support from The Orford Foundation

In a first for Australia, the Orford Foundation has pledged $900,000 to Melbourne Business School to fund a three-year research project on lifetime pensions and annuities. The Orford Research Initiative is one of the community-focused projects on which we are collaborating.

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MEDIA RELEASE: Melbourne Business School Appoints Head for The Orford Research Initiative into Financial Security for Retirees

The Orford Research Initiative is a three-year research project funded by the Orford Foundation, and led by Dr. Teagan Altschwager, to investigate how Australians can improve their retirement income and security.

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Optimum Pensions refutes CIPRs are ‘actuarial fraud’

Comprehensive income products for retirement, or 'CIPRs', will be one part of Australia's retirement income system and are far from being "actuarial fraud".

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