Top tips for the ASFA conference – Adelaide 2018

Every November the who’s who of Australian Superannuation Industry get together at the ASFA Conference to find out more about where the industry is heading. This year the conference returns to Adelaide and here is our don’t miss guide to the conference and the beautiful city of Adelaide for attendees.

If you want an  opportunity to get away from the day-to-day issues and concerns and spend time thinking about our future, here are some great topics and presenters to inspire.

Don’t miss sessions:

Dr Adrian Blundell-Wignall: A highlight is always those bringing a global perspective and this year is no different. On Day 1 you will be able to hear from Dr Adrian Blundell-Wignall who spent nearly ten years on the OECD Pension Board and Prof. David Blake, the Director of the Pensions Institute, City University of London. Those with an interest in the global pension industry should be familiar with the work of both these distinguished speakers and looking forward to the opportunity to hearing in person. Staying with the global theme, Parallel session 1C on Day 2 features pension experts from the UK and Sweden.

Michael Dwyer: This year Michael Dwyer is presenting the industry oration. This will be Michael’s last industry event before stepping down after 14 years as CEO of First State Super. He is well respected throughout the industry and his talk on Leadership in times of change will be worth attending.

Futurologist Rocky Scopelliti: For those interested in emerging trends, we can recommend Futurologist Rocky Scopelliti who will be part of Parallel session 1B. Parallel session 5C will be looking at the workforce of the future and its implications for superannuation funds as an employer as well as for designing products and services in the future. Fans of emerging technologies will be torn between Parallel session 2A on Artificial Intelligence and Parallel session 2E on Blockchain.

Coffee and Cocktails: Looking for somewhere to continue the discussions? Adelaide has plenty to offer. A couple of cafes close to the Convention Centre that we can recommend are Coffee Branch, 32 Leigh Street and La Moka, 16a Peel Street. If your conversations are going well into the evening then these rooftop bars are walking distance from the conference: 2KW, corner of King William Street and North Terrace, and Hennessy Rooftop Bar, 45 King William Street.

Join us: Don’t forget to visit the Optimum Pension stand to find out how you can help your members manage longevity risk with a Real Lifetime Pension.

We look forward to the twitter conversations. Don’t forget the hashtag #ASFAConference rather than #ASFA2018 (unless you want to check out all that is happening at the Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards!).

For the full conference program visit:

See you in Adelaide!

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