Everlasting Retirement Income

Everlasting Retirement Income
Imagine a world in which your members never run out of retirement income no matter how long they live — an Everlasting Retirement Income.

The focus of every superannuation fund’s retirement income strategy is the sustainability of member retirement income and the management of any associated risks. Longevity risk, sometimes referred to as the mother of all retirement risks  is a big part of this.

Just think. An Everlasting Retirement Income would give retirees the confidence they need for unforgettable adventures and the ability to live the retirement of their dreams with a retirement income that never runs out. A great way to manage longevity risk!

Visit Optimum Pensions at Booth 41 at the ASFA Conference Super Expo to learn how easy it is for you to offer your members an investment-linked annuity and to have an Everlasting Retirement Income.

Retirement On the Conference Agenda

As the retirement product market heats up, there are three sessions on Thursday 23 February that will be of interest.

The main event is at 11:20 am | The retirement phase – where to from here?

In Parallel 3C, a panel of experts will be discussing the significant challenge for superannuation funds to guide members to retirement.

There are two additional sessions looking at the future of financial advice.

The first – 9:35 am on Thursday 23 February – presenting on the Quality of Advice Review and includes Michelle Levy, who conducted the review.

The second – 12:20 pm on Thursday 23 February – a panel on Digital Advice that will look at how advice is delivered by superannuation funds as they manage the transition of members into retirement will be challenging.

If you are attending the conference and watching things heat up at the Brisbane Convention Centre, make sure you visit Optimum Pensions in the expo hall to learn more about our Everlasting Retirement Income. 

If you can’t make it to the conference and want to hear more, please contact Peter Rowe.


The Optimum Pensions Real Lifetime Pension is an investment linked lifetime income stream where the assets stay in investment options managed by the superannuation fund but longevity risk is transferred to a global reinsurer. Find out more Real Lifetime Pension.

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