Orford Foundation

Orford Foundation

The Orford Foundation is a Private Ancillary Fund established in 2017 committed to honouring the legacy of its founders by supporting, launching, and sustaining projects that align with the Orford family’s core values and interests.

Specifically, the foundation’s focus includes initiatives that lead to positive impact in areas of:

Research and product development to further David Orford’s lifelong mission to help Australians lead a comfortable, financially secure, and enjoyable retirement.

Renewable energy solutions to minimise climate change

Homelessness solutions

Australian water resources

Australia First Nations peoples’ needs

The Orford Foundation is a not-for-profit philanthropic organisation which can only donate to Deductible Gift Recipients.

Orford Foundation Initiatives:

Actuaries Institute of Australia – Mortality Tables for Retirees

As there were no mortality tables in Australia that would allow Australian actuaries to confidently price lifetime annuities and pensions – so that a viable market for lifetime annuities might develop, the Orford Foundation requested the Actuaries Institute of Australia to produce such tables using the services of Alun Stevens. Unfortunately, the two largest longevity insurers in Australia refused to participate in this study which meant that the far richer mortality experience from the United Kingdom’s Continuous Mortality Investigation body was used to produce the required mortality tables.

The Orford Initiative – Melbourne Business School

The Orford Initiative is a three-year project conducted independently by Melbourne Business School investigating key issues within the Australian Retirement Ecosystem, funded by the Orford Foundation in collaboration with the Melbourne Business School.

The project will ultimately help retirees in Australia to optimise their lifestyle post-retirement for the duration of their retirement.

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The research team is committed to providing regular updates as the project progresses.

Providing advice for retirement; a financial adviser perspective

Annuities across International Retirement Contexts

Allocating retirement funds and annuity attribute preferences; findings from 2 choice experiments

Orford Initiative Consumer Survey Report – Australian retirement priorities, perceptions, and products

Orford Initiative In Focus: Australians versus post-retirement products; challenges and opportunities

Understanding the annuity experience

Orford Initiative In Focus: How do people make decisions at retirement about organising their financial affairs

The Customer Journey Through Retirement Planning

The Australian Retirement Planning Ecosystem

Orford Initiative In Focus: Australians versus post-retirement products; challenges and opportunities

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