Helping Financial Planners Solve the Longevity Equation

Helping Financial Planners Solve the Longevity Equation.

Helping Financial Planners Solve the Longevity Equation
So Australians Can Retire with Confidence.

Achieving a good retirement requires careful planning, but planning is complex in the face of uncertainty—and retirement planning has more than its fair share: from deciding when to leave full-time work to wondering what our future lifespan will be and whether we will have enough funds to last the distance.

Many people will look to financial planners to help them retire with confidence. With a good understanding of their clients’ needs and aspirations, they can help plan towards good retirement outcomes.

With a new breed of retirement income products available, where do financial planners go to learn about the latest thinking concerning retirement risks and be able to put it all together in a way that best supports their clients?

The book, “Retirement Income for Life – Solving the Longevity Equation” is our response to this challenge.

Helping people understand longevity +

Why understanding and managing longevity risk is a significant financial planning issue and how financial planners have an essential role to play in helping their clients consider their range of possible lifespans and how confident they will want to be that they won’t run out of money.

Available retirement income options =

We have a more extensive range of retirement products than ever. Many of the new retirement products provide a more flexible solution than the traditional ones that financial planners will be familiar with. Each retirement product has pros and cons — no ‘silver bullet’ exists. A combination of products could satisfy their capital and lifetime income requirements throughout retirement, no matter how long they live.

Putting it all together

Included are several case studies demonstrating how financial planners can create a retirement income plan based on their client’s needs and objectives, incorporating investment-linked annuities into their retirement portfolio.

With lifespans getting longer and 670,000 Australians intending to retire in the next five years[1], the time is now for the financial planning community to shift its mindset towards proactive, longevity-focused retirement planning.

This book is an essential guide for financial planners dedicated to guiding their clients towards a secure retirement income for life.

[1] ABS Retirement and Retirement Intentions, Australia, 2020-21


Optimum Pensions was launched in 2017 with a single mission – to help Australians lead a comfortable retirement. The Optimum Pensions innovative retirement income solutions are specifically developed to address longevity risk and provide greater peace of mind for all retirees; no matter how long they live.

The Optimum Pensions, award-winning LifeSpan Calculator builds confidence around personal life expectancy and retirees’ possible retirement planning horizon.

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